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J V McLure
26-Aug-2007, 23:20
I know this is not a LF question - sorry. I do know there are some real experts in lens design and function on here - so here goes.

This past Saturday I was at the Grand Canyon and after shooting some 4 x 5s I used my Bronica ETRSi 645 MF camera. I have an AE III metered prism finder on it that is like new and costs about $400.00. On my way back to Vegas, I stopped to take some shots and found that the rubber eyepeice with lens was missing from the viewfinder. After searching the internet, it looks as if the missing part can't be purchased. Without it, the thing is usless.

My question is this. What kind of lens would go on the eyepeice? Would any thing else work - or am I out of luck? The thing threads into a hole and the rubber eye cup fits onto it. The finder has a built in diopter correction setting - but needs the missing eyepeice lens to function.

Before I give up and shell out for a new one, I thought I would ask and see if any lens experts could offer any options...


J V McLure

Matus Kalisky
27-Aug-2007, 01:56
I do not have any better advice for you than pointing you to different forum - try www.APUG.org - they have a dedicated forum for each format. As you know, the guys around here think at least 4x5 or bigger ;)

27-Aug-2007, 02:15
Have you found the eyepiece yet?

Or is this like looking for a needle in a canyon?

Haven't used a Bronica ETRSi for 6 years but if what I recall is correct, then you're in luck.

The Bronica AEIII uses an adjustable dioptre correction prism, which is the same as the eyepiece of the Bronica S prism finder (prism only, but not dioptre correction),.

With any luck, you might be able to find a used (battered S prism finder) and transplant it. It's not a perfect solution. This is different from the magnifying eyepiece for the waist-level finder btw.

If you're really sunk, then acquiring a defunct AEIII prism maybe your only option. I gather some of these breakdown (don't couple) and thus can't be used.

Good luck.

27-Aug-2007, 03:17
Have you asked Tamron about a service part?

Glenn Thoreson
27-Aug-2007, 11:41
It may be easier to look for a cheap finder on the auction thingy. They go pretty cheap. My ETRS has the unmetered finder, which, I understand is different. There is a seller on the e thing by the name Shutterblade. Very good to deal with and usually has lots of Bronica stuff. I'm sure if you watch, you can pick up a whole finder, maybe with a non working meter, for cheap. Good luck. :)

CP Goerz
27-Aug-2007, 14:14
This is perhaps a great excuse to move up to 8x10 and start taking some real pictures...don't let this opportunity pass you by!!!

J V McLure
27-Aug-2007, 16:58
You may have a point there - time to move up to 8 x 10! If I were to loose my 8 x 10 GG, I'm sure it could be replaced without a world wide search or looking for something the size of a quarter in the Grand Canyon.

However, in lieu of going all the way back to 35mm for "snapshots", I am tracking down all of the leads that others have been so kind as to provide. There seems to be hope that the search of the Grand Canyon can be called off soon.

Thank goodness for this forum!

J V McLure

J V McLure
28-Aug-2007, 20:36
Tamron was able to fix me up with the replacement part - new from stock! My thanks for the advice to contact them.

J V McLure