View Full Version : Anything but Angulon 90mm that folds into a Wista 45SP ?

24-Aug-2007, 23:31
Are there no alternatives to the Angulon 90/6.8 if I want a 90mm that folds into my Wista 45SP? Preferably a bit more modern, with MC and slightly bigger image area, and brighter than f6.8?

Impossible wish?

What if I cut down on the specs (but f<=6.8 is a must I think)?


Ole Tjugen
25-Aug-2007, 10:24
The only 90mm wide-angle lenses that are small enough to fold into a camera are Angulons and the double-Gauss lenses which are mostly even older.

I believe the Congo Wide 90mm f:6.3 is the only one currently in production.

Steve Goldstein
25-Aug-2007, 11:53
It's not 90mm, but is also small and numerically brighter though you might not be able to see the difference - 100mm f/6.3 WF Ektar. I don't know if it would fold into a Wista, don't have one to try it out with, but the sizes are similar.

Darryl Baird
25-Aug-2007, 20:35
Graflex Optar, Wollensak Raptar, and Congo all make small 90mm lenses that compete with the Angulon. Check out Chris Perez's info (http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html#65mm_thru_125mm)

Ole Tjugen
25-Aug-2007, 20:38
The Optar, Raptar, Ektar and Angulon are all out of production and have been so for some time. The Congo is the only "modern" one.