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Jim Graves
24-Aug-2007, 21:40
I have a Taylor-Hobson Cooke wide angle anastigmat 82mm f 6.5 series VII B ... works great in my Speed Graphic with the focal plane shutter but I'd like to include it in my backpacking kit ... but, it needs to go into a shutter ... anybody know how to go about that?

Jim Graves
24-Aug-2007, 21:57
I did check S.K. Grimes list of lenses to shutters but this one is not listed.

Dan Fromm
25-Aug-2007, 01:44
This is such a small lens that for 4x5 front-mounting shouldn't cause vignetting problems. Just don't cheap out and use the smallest possible shutter.

Carsten Wolff
16-Nov-2007, 05:16
I agree with Dan. I think Barbara told me once that the originals went front-mounted into an Epsilon-shutter.....Frontmounted I would have opted for a Copal 1, or similar sized shutters, like a nice Alphax.
My 108 is now a Copal (Press) 0 affair, thanks to SKG. The 82mm should fit with a bit of effort into a Copal 0 as well.

Joseph O'Neil
16-Nov-2007, 05:50
They seem to be growing expensive anymore, but for a while you could buy either a 75mm ossiliscope (spelling?) lens or one of those Tominon Polarid lenses for a cheap price, take out the lenses and you have a nice shutter. I front mounted my RD artar in a shutter that way and it works great.

But do pay attention to the size of shutter - when front mounting, you need something bigger than you might think. for example, my RD artar needed a #3 shutter for front mounting, whereas for a "proper" job, a #1 shutter would work fine.

16-Nov-2007, 07:18
ossiliscope (spelling?)


You got pretty close! :)