View Full Version : Actual size of 5x12 film?

Scott --
24-Aug-2007, 12:26
Hi, all -

Fixin' to start in on 5x12 holders, and it'd be nice to know actual film size. Anyone have a negative they can measure for me?


Colin Graham
24-Aug-2007, 14:54
FP4+ is about 4 29/32 x 11 29/32 or 125mm x 305mm. But I made my holders to fit 4 15/16 x 11 15/16, which makes it easier loading the holders. Too tight and you'll never get the film in.

Scott --
24-Aug-2007, 17:34
Thanks, Colin. Is the 11-15/16" the length of the exposed septum then? Essentially the length from the flipped up light trap to the opposite rail?

Colin Graham
24-Aug-2007, 19:00
Scott, the area of exposed septum (which would mean the negative too, right?) is about 1/4 less in each dimension, or 1/8 per side (just to give a rebate) or around 4 21/32 x 11 21/32 with the light trap closed. Hope this is what you needed.

BTW, did you decide on cherry for the holders?

Scott --
27-Aug-2007, 12:36
Hey, Colin -

I've started building the holders. The exposed length of my septum, light trap closed, is 11-15/16". You think that'll pose a problem? Think I should shorten the holders by ~3/16" while I still can?


27-Aug-2007, 12:53
There is no standard film size for 5X12 or any of the non Ansi films. Consequently most holders are built to the nomal size, i.e. the holder opening for the film should be a full 5X12, or 7X17, or 12X20, or whatever.

Companies that cut film are generally aware of this and cut the film 1/32" or 1/16" less than the nominal size on both dimensions.

Sandy King

Scott --
27-Aug-2007, 13:08
Thanks, Sandy. Sounds like I'm good to go, then.

Scott --
27-Aug-2007, 16:27
Well, there ya go. Now I need to get some film and see if it's sized right...

Dave Wooten
27-Aug-2007, 16:45
That holder looks pretty nice Scott, I wouldn't leave it out on the patio if I were you! :)

Colin Graham
27-Aug-2007, 18:31
What a great idea, splicing some 5x7 holders together. Nice job!

So your 'window' in the holder is 11 15/16? That's only 1/32 shorter than the film size....if there's much of a recess under the light baffle end of the holder, the film may slide in too much, or slip back and forth between the the loading flap end and light baffle end so that one end isn't captured. Does that make sense? Probably not an issue for film flatness because it's so skinny but it might get aggravating when composing, you'll inadvertently crop one end or another.

27-Aug-2007, 20:46
Well, there ya go. Now I need to get some film and see if it's sized right...

Cut your own and you can't lose! ;)