View Full Version : Massachusets in early October?

24-Aug-2007, 10:00
I'm planning to visit Boston in early October and then drive to Toronto with my friends and of course my camera. I'm looking to shoot some fall colors, waterfalls, lakes etc. Any suggestions?

Michael Graves
24-Aug-2007, 10:09
Up through Vermont on Route 100. Hit Moss Glenns Falls on the way. Well, don't hit it, but rather stop and take photos of it. Then jog over to upper New York State.

eric black
24-Aug-2007, 10:11
About Every other year I head up to central New Hampshire and stay in Conway. Lots to shoot around there. the Kankamangus Hwy, White mountains, and youre drivable distance from any number of waterfalls to shoot.

24-Aug-2007, 11:18
That is a drive I do quite often ( I live in Boston and have family in Toronto ) - first off its a long drive about 10 hours straight.

October will be full on fall colours - though its looking as is if fall might come a little early this year.

I would recommend you drive North from Boston to meander through Dunstable, Groton, West Groton, Hollis NH, Pepperell - true New England stunning really - then take Route 2 Westward, you can easily detour up to Brattelboro VT - or take in the Photography Gallery at Turner Falls.

Just some thoughts!


24-Aug-2007, 19:52
Bring a raincoat. And an Unbrella.

27-Aug-2007, 12:46
Check the weather before you go, I was there last year and it rained most of the time.