View Full Version : Schneider Symmar S 240mm too large for my shen-hao?

24-Aug-2007, 09:51
I recently acquired a Schneider Symmar-S 240mm f/5.6 lens and its the only Copal 3 lens that I own. I haven't purchased a lensboard yet because the lens seems like it is too large (in diameter) for my shen-hao 4x5.

To specify, the diameter of the outside of the shutter is almost wider than the front standard. The rear element will slide into the camera without trouble, but I'm worried that the lens is too big.

Has anyone used this lens on a Shen-Hao 45II?

Thanks in advance, Dan.

24-Aug-2007, 10:21
Almost doesn't count except with horseshoes and hand grenades. It'll fit in your lens board but be carefull when using front movements with such a heavy lens or you may have it fall over onto the bed when the front tilt is loose.

Benno Jones
24-Aug-2007, 10:38
I have one lens in a Copal 3 shutter (tele-xenar or tele-arton, I haven't used it in a while and can't recall the exact focal length) for my Shen-Hao, and the main problem is that you need to make sure it is positioned so that the pieces that hold the lensboard in place at the bottom do not interfere with the aperture adjustment slider. Aside from that, as long as your tripod is set up correctly (get one leg straight forward under the front of the camera), no problems with it. No problems with the movements shifting from weight, etc.

24-Aug-2007, 14:37

That was one of my concerns. The lensboard holder slider thing does get in the way of the aperture, but If I rotate the lens clockwise (aperture slider on the right) it seems to be out of the way.

I am worried that the lens will not recess far enough back to allow a lens board to mount because the diameter and thickness of the shutter.

MIke Sherck
25-Aug-2007, 18:55
Stop worrying: make a quickie lensboard out of heavy cardboard or matt board, something like that. Put the lens on the camera and see what happens for yourself.


Jack Flesher
25-Aug-2007, 20:17
It will fit, but it is a huge hunk of glass to be hanging off the front of a Shen extended that far out. You'd be better off with a smaller 240 like a G-Caron...

Mick Fagan
26-Aug-2007, 01:56
I have a Komura F6.3 400 Tele in a Copal No. 3 shutter, it weighs 901 gms without the lens cover, which is as it is used on the camera.

It is a very heavy lens to hang on the end of the Shen Hao, but hang it does!

Exposures down to about 1/2 second are sharp as a tack, even B exposures are sharp. When I first tested this lens I was a bit concerned the focus might suffer, but my negs showed excellent detail and the prints I made confirmed this.

One obviously has to be more careful with something this heavy hanging off the front end, but it certainly works on my IIA.

The shutter by the way, is wider than the lens board!


Gary Tarbert
26-Aug-2007, 05:03
Hi Dan,I have the same lens & have used it on a shen hao without any real problems,
besides the obvious physical ones (this is a decent chunk of glass!!)better suited to 8x10 which is what i use this lens for now,you will not be dissapointed with the results
you get from this lens on 5x4 just be careful how you use it ie: tripod leg position be methodical about how you tighten everything because it has a habit of dropping the front standard if your not careful!!I put up with it because the lens was purchased with 8x10 in mind if you have no intention of shooting 8x10 then i agree with Jack that there are smaller & lighter options that cover this focal lenghth that have 67mm filter threads & not 86mm
P.s I have a lens board for this lens for 5x4 (but i don't think there hard to find)cheers Gary:)