View Full Version : Which compur for Dagor 6.5"f6.8?

G Benaim
24-Aug-2007, 07:36
Just got one of these dagors, looks like it'll cover 8x10, so wanted to know how I can find a shutter for it. It's listed as coming in a compur 0, but most of the ones on eb don't have a number, and there are many flavors. Anyone been down this road? Thanks.

Dan Fromm
24-Aug-2007, 08:04
Too late, alas. Read this thread http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=13109&highlight=dagor+landarc and cry a little. Its a long thread, read all of it anyway.

Ernest Purdum
24-Aug-2007, 08:08
A #0 will have the same 29.5mm openings front and rear. You might run into a spacing problem, though, even if the opening size is correct. It depends a lot on when your lens was made. The later the lens, the more chance that spacing will be correct in any relastively modern shutter, Copal, Seiko, Prontor as well as Compur.