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Colin Benson
17-Jul-2000, 17:56
Two things.

Thing the First. I recall that some months ago someone on this web site mentione d an LF photographer from Japan whose work sounded intrigueing. Since the archiv e is only searchable on subject line at the moment, I can't find the posting. If you recall the photographer's name, would you care to post it again.

Thing the Second. I wonder if we could do with a never archived topic that lists interesting photographers. Maybe it could be restricted to people that have bee n published but don't have web pages (since we already have a mechanism for the latter case on the LF home page). What do you think?


QT Luong
17-Jul-2000, 19:55
How about the category "Photographs" ? I don't think there is a need to restrict to people without web pages, since currently there are not many messages in there. If that changes, I'll split it, like for other topics.

Masayoshi Hayashi
21-Aug-2000, 07:16
Perhaps you mean one of these two photographers: Yasutaka Tanji (http://www2.odn.ne.jp/~cao16500/) and Shinzou Maeda (http://home.wxs.nl/~faase009/PBSMaeda.html). I could not find the homepage of the latter. Currently from Australia....

Colin Benson
21-Aug-2000, 19:23

Shinzo Maeda was the person I was looking for. Thanks so much for posting this. I've just ordered one of his books from bibliofind.com