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Scott --
23-Aug-2007, 06:55
Hi, All -

I was offered a 10 inch f11 JML Optical process lens to cover 5x12. Never heard of 'em. Anyone know anything about this lens? Quality, coverage, etc?


23-Aug-2007, 07:07
Try doing a search on google groups rec.photo.largeformat [something like that]

I know the 8.25" lens covers 8x10 but I don't know about that model.

Scott Davis
23-Aug-2007, 07:24
I'm sure if the 8 1/4 " covers, the 10" will too, but that's a very dim lens on the ground glass. Supposedly the JML lenses are quite under-rated, but I've never seen anything made with one so I can't say.

Brook Martin
23-Aug-2007, 08:46
Great coatings, very sharp, not the fastest. Very good buy if the price is right.

Jim Galli
23-Aug-2007, 08:54
Great coatings, very sharp, not the fastest. Very good buy if the price is right.

Ditto. In a test I did the 210 JML was one of the sharpest around and covered 810 about the same as a G-Claron. Perhaps a little more.

Brook Martin
23-Aug-2007, 10:54
I have a 300mm that covers 11x14 with all the movements my camera has. I have heard that if you open the stop up past the f10 factory max apeturer you get curved field with swirlies. Never tried it myself.

Ernest Purdum
23-Aug-2007, 11:12
JML has listed a very large number of lens types, so it is difficult to know just what to expect. One person's experience may be very valid, but his 10" f11 may not be the same lens as yours.

My thought is that some of these go so cheap that if you are looking for a barrel lens its worth the risk to see what it will do.

Scott --
24-Aug-2007, 08:04
Thanks for the input, guys. I went ahead and sent payment for the lens. Will post results here, sometime in the future.


Ernest Purdum
24-Aug-2007, 08:36
My guess is that you will be happy with your new lens.