View Full Version : Wisner 5x7 "Tech Field": Older Model?

22-Aug-2007, 08:22
Hey Guys! Got my used Wisner 5x7 Tech Field yesterday. Noticed some things about it that are kinda strange.....perhaps it's an older model? For example, there's no rear rise or rear axis tilt. The knobs for the front shift have a "lever" on them. The knobs that control front rise and fall are slim.

That said, it still has the 5 1/4" lens board, and it still weighs in at 10 pounds (which surprised me...I would have thought the reduced amount of metal on the rear standard would have lightened it a bit.) It still says, "Wisner Technical Field" on the ID Plate. #902.

I've never used the rear rise or rear axis tilt, so I'm not losing sleep over it. For resale purposes, it's a bit of a bummer...but that's ok. Oh, and there's some blemishes on some of the metal, which brings me to another question: Is the metal on this older model the anodized aluminum or is it solid brass? I want to know if I can polish it up a bit.


PS: Photos to follow later this evening.... :)

John MacManus
24-Aug-2007, 13:56
Hi Alec:
I have a TF Wisner 5X7 #778 and yours does sound a "kinda strange". I have been unable to find out how old my camera is. I do have rear rise and tilt, including a geared backwards tilt. It's all knobs, no levers. From the serial numbers I don't see yours as older, but I can't explain the differences. I think mine is heavier, 12 pounds?

I love my camera dearly and am having such fun learning LF with it. It too has some metal blemish, a pinkish tarnish under what looks like a laquer. I wouldn't dream of cleaning it up in case I made everything worse. The wood is all just fine.

Enjoy ... there's nothing like seeing the image come into focus on the GG ... John

24-Aug-2007, 21:04
I sent this camera back for a couple reasons, but here's a pic. You can clearly see it says Tech Field, and has the 5 1/4" lens board, and is missing the rear rise and axis tilt. Perhaps a customized camera? Or maybe pre-patent? Very odd.


Err, image got scaled down, so you can't clearly see this, but you can still sorta make it out..... :o

Rick Moore
25-Aug-2007, 06:16
That camera looks exactly like a Traditional L 5x7. Maybe the ID plates were switched to increase the value.

25-Aug-2007, 07:09
Could be, but doesn't the Traditional L take a 4x4 lens board? This takes the 5 1/4 that the tech field uses... Note that this particular camera shows it with a 5 1/4" to 4" reducing board....


Oren Grad
25-Aug-2007, 07:44
Could be, but doesn't the Traditional L take a 4x4 lens board?

Wisner's online catalog specifies both as taking a 5.25" board.

29-Aug-2007, 18:30
Hmmm, well, whatever the heck it is it's on eBay now (http://cgi.ebay.com/Wisner-5x7-Technical-Field-camera-with-2-bellows_W0QQitemZ190146928452QQihZ009QQcategoryZ15247QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem). I decided it wasn't for me...


30-Aug-2007, 09:39
...and he's still calling it a Technical field - which, apparently, it is not (despite the badge). :confused:

Blacky Dalton
30-Aug-2007, 10:00
The basic Wisner wooden field, without the rear rise (constructed like the Zone VI 4x5 or 8x10) is a Traditional Model.

His catalog page lists the 5x7 as either a "5x7 Technical Field and Traditional L"


I would venture to say the camera pictured to be a Traditional L. Also shown here,


List price on this page new of $2,595.00

The 5x7 Technical Field list price is $2,975.00. Listed here,


B. Dalton