View Full Version : Rodenstock Green Stripe Lenses with Copal Press Shutters???

21-Aug-2007, 17:09
Did Rodenstock really put the silver/black Copal press shutter into their green stripped (on barrel) lenses???

How is the Copal press compared to the Copal 0 (black version)?

David A. Goldfarb
21-Aug-2007, 17:23
A Copal Press shutter is self-cocking, so in that regard, it's easier to use, particularly for multiple exposures or multiple pops with flash.

It requires a slightly larger lensboard hole than a Copal 0, so it may require custom drilling.

Frank Petronio
21-Aug-2007, 22:29
The Copal Press shutter may also not have as high a shutter speed as a straight Copal (1/125th versus 1/500th). Also the pressure to fire the release is higher, which could impart more vibration if you don't use a good cable release with a straight path. And their reputation is that they require CLA service more frequently than straight Copals.

But... Press shutters have great advantages too, especially for saving time when shooting moving subjects (ie. people).

Bob Salomon
22-Aug-2007, 03:56
All current Rodenstock lenses are avaiable in Copal, Copal Press and Rollei Linear Motor shutters.