View Full Version : Using Linhof wide-angle focusing device

Jeff hompson
15-Jul-2000, 00:11
Hi everyone. I have a Linhof Tech V and would like to use a 75mm or wider lens for landscape applications. I have been frustrated (especially using it in the vertical format) because it is impossible to compose and focus without getting t he bed in part of the frame. If I drop the bed, I can't reliable focus the lens, since the lens sits on the very end of the focusing rail. I see reference to t he Linhof wide angle focusing device, and wonder how this works? Is it easy to use? How well does it work? How long does it take to set up? How much do they cost(new/used) I love my camera, and hope that some of you can offer some sugge stions or otherwise help me with my dilemma. Thanks to all of you in advance. Jeff

Bob Salomon
15-Jul-2000, 06:12
It is not for the 75. It is for the 55 to 65mm lenses. It mounts like a lensboard and the standard is pushed into the camer body and you focus with the knob on the device.

Your problem is different. =To eliminate seeing the bed in the frame when shooting vertically tip the camera 900 and rotate the back back to vertical.

Steve bein
17-Jul-2000, 05:06
I solved that problem by getting a Tachihara 4x5 wood field. I have a Linhoff Tech V also, but use the wood field as a lightweight travelling camera with a 65mm lens always in that case. The rear standard moves forward and works with no visibility of the rail. The price seems to be about the same as the Linhoff rail and the second camera body adds versatility and it is lighter. Just one solution to that problem.