View Full Version : Shutter for Cooke 108mm f/6.5 VIIb?

Carsten Wolff
19-Aug-2007, 23:37
Sounds familiar, I know.... Mark Sawyer started a thread on it's bigger (158mm) brother a while back.
I've picked up this little gem as a barrel lens recently. I put it onto an old lensboard and popped it onto my 5x7....WHOA. Wall-to-wall crispness wide open; on the GG at least it's surprisingly sharper than anything else I've got. I know these VIIb "Anglics" were often sold front-mounted (in what?) and still rated as a 5x7 lens. Mine is only ~18mm high(!) (Yes, folks, less than 3/4") and a smidgen larger than a Copal 0 opening and I'm wondering about vignetting in a shutter; also, the cell spacing isn't exactly huge. Adam @ SKGrimes&Co can't recall having done a 108mm Cooke shutter job. I haven't asked Tim at lensn2shutter (yet), but I doubt he's seen/done one either.

Does anybody have (seen) one mounted in a (modern) shutter? This one would look great in a Copal 0 or even 1 (but might be better in an Alphax....rounder aperture and all that).

Ernest Purdum
20-Aug-2007, 09:01
I think front-mounting would be the most feasible answer. If the shutter is significantly larger than the lens diameter, and the lens is mounted close to the shutter blades, vignetting shouldn't be severe.

Jim Galli
20-Aug-2007, 09:44
Teach yourself how to use a Packard shutter. It opens up volumes of possibilities the dependence on modern shutters precludes. Look at my web pages. About 90+ % of what you'll see has been done with a Packard.

Carsten Wolff
20-Aug-2007, 16:20
That, or the Jim Galli shutter (which I have used before)...Thanks, Jim. ;)