View Full Version : geeky aperture question

John Kasaian
19-Aug-2007, 23:10
I saw an example of a photo taken with a 6" focal length bi-convex lens lens with a
3/4" aperture which I'd like to replicate but I only have a 250mm (10") focal length bi convex available to use. Is there a way to extrapolate the size of the aperture I'd need to fabricate in order to obtain the same look as what was done with the 6" focal length lens? I keep coming up with 1-1/4" aperture but I'm lousy at this stuff!

Dan Fromm
20-Aug-2007, 02:53
10 * .75/6 = 1.25

John Kasaian
20-Aug-2007, 08:44
Thanks Dan!