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19-Aug-2007, 10:40
Greetings from Copenhagen, the town with all the good and bad thinks.....
Started LF for almost one year ago, when I got my 1/2 plate Gandolfi.....
Now I have a Calumet 400 (4"x5") and a ICA 13x18 cm.....
Using all 3 cameras with different old lenses......
Just now I am learning to make bromoils and cyanotypes......

All the best


gari beet
19-Aug-2007, 13:26
Hi Niels, welcome to the madhouse!
I have a Gandolfi halfplate too, though with the 5x4 back, I really like it.
I am casually searching for a 5x7 or H/P back for it.

Ron Marshall
19-Aug-2007, 13:31
Welcome to the forum Niels. You are in a very photogenic city and region.

Jan Pedersen
19-Aug-2007, 14:03
Hej Niels-Erik,
Velkomen or welcome from the US NW. Just came back from DK last Monday but did not go to Copenhagen (Except for the airport)

John Kasaian
19-Aug-2007, 14:05
Welcome from balmy Fresno, California!

Ralph Barker
19-Aug-2007, 18:11
Welcome to the LF Forum, Niels-Erik.

Ole Tjugen
19-Aug-2007, 18:34
Hei Niels-Erik!

Another Gandolfi user here - 5x7" and 8x10". :)

Although I might just have a whole-plate back for the 8x10", and a half-plate holder for the 5x7"...

Struan Gray
20-Aug-2007, 00:28
Hej Niels-Erik

Welcome to the forum.


20-Aug-2007, 04:01
Thaks all of you......
Ole... Where do I find an other back for my Gandolfi.... 4"x5" f.ex......
And if any of you is pasing by: give me a call on Skype: nehartmann....
If there are any Bretherens among you, I will help you too.....!!!!!

Ted Harris
20-Aug-2007, 04:37
Welcome Niels-Erik ...

kevin kelly
20-Aug-2007, 07:39
Hello Niels-Erik. Welcome to the forum.