View Full Version : Ooops, Polaroids in freezer

18-Aug-2007, 08:39
I dont normally work with Polaroids, but since I have had this 545 holder just sitting here I thought I should try if on a trip. So, I bogth an expensive 20-pack #54 and put it in the freezer......hmmm....for some reason I got it out after 2-4h and read DON NOT FRIEZE on the pack..... can I now still trust it to give decent results, or will it probably be best just to throw away. (I know I can just try it, but would like to avoid opening it if I should bring it with me...)


Ted Harris
18-Aug-2007, 08:59
Might as well try a sheet but there is almost no chance at all that it will work well. After the chemical pod has been frozen you are likely out of luck.

18-Aug-2007, 09:31
Ditto what Ted said. I actually tried it with one sheet - you know, 'cause it said not to do it. In this case, there's a good reason for the warning.

Regards, Art.

18-Aug-2007, 10:10
Thanks, will open it and give it a try. Let you know.... /PM

20-Aug-2007, 13:09
Used one of them to take my first picture ever with my new Wista 45SP and Sironar-N 135, and they seem OK! (but then I am no polaroid man....perhaps the result is below OK...I dont know...but it looks fine to me...)

20-Aug-2007, 13:39
I have frozen mine just by working outside in below-freezing weather...did not adversely affect the Type 55 as far as I could tell.


20-Aug-2007, 16:33
Freezing the chemicals in the pod requires a much lower temperature than the zero degrees Celceus (how the hell do you spell it? It's still Centigrade to us old folks), and if your freezer ain't all that cold, it may be just fine. Try it and see, just allow extra time to thaw, and keep it flat while storing or thawing it.

20-Aug-2007, 22:40
I would think my freezer is a standard -18-20 Celsius. They were only there for a couple of hours...perhaps the chemicals didnt have time to reach that low temp in the unopened box.... think I will sacrifice one of them just to test it...leave it thre for some days.... /PM