View Full Version : 35mm prints or slides for Enlarger

16-Aug-2007, 11:55
I had a quick question about whether I should use 35mm print film or reversal film to project, using a color enlarger, onto polaroid peel apart film? I do not have a daylab, but an enlarger and would like to know if the process is possible. I enjoy making image transfers using my polaroid land camera, but would like to try making larger images, like 8X10s. Any thing to help will be greatly appreciated!! :D Thanks!!

David A. Goldfarb
16-Aug-2007, 12:02
You would want slide film to project onto Polaroid to make enlargements.

8x10" Polaroid is around $200 a box these days for 15 exposures, so test with 4x5" to make sure you've got the filtration right.