View Full Version : Petzval in Shutter

Neil Purling
15-Aug-2007, 03:02
I have a projector lens that is a Petzval by examining the reflections from a point light source.
If the thing is mounted with new barrel components to preserver the original spacing will the introduction of a shutter change its behaviour.
These creatures were meant to be used wide open. Therefore even a ex Polaroid Copal without a diaphragm would be suitable.
I think the focal length is way too short for full frame on 4x5. Am I bothered?/ Nah, I'd try it anyway!

Ernest Purdum
15-Aug-2007, 16:23
I gather your Petzval is a very small one. Most of the breed would demand a much bigger shutter than a Polaroid Copal. I'd suggest a shutter with iris, though. Although projection lenses are used wide open, on a camera an iris can be very desirable.

Using a shutter won't do anything to the image because at the time the image is forming the shutter blades are out of the light path.