View Full Version : Wollensak 7 inch Diffused Focus f4 Verito

Dean Lastoria
14-Jul-2000, 00:56
Anyone know the circle on this? would it cover 4x5? I like soft focus, any thou ghts on it with that in mind? Thanks Dean

Ed Buffaloe
14-Jul-2000, 09:47
I have a 152 mm Wollensak that I used for years as an elarging lens for 4x5 negatives. I would think that any lens with a focal length of 7 inches would at least cover 4x5. I've never used a soft focus lens-- I try for sharp negatives. If I want soft focus I use a bit of onion- skin paper for part of the exposure to diffuse the image when I print.

C.W. Dean
14-Jul-2000, 13:10
The Wollensak Verito is one of the popular classic softies. The 7" was made for the 4x5" format. The degree of softness is controlled with the iris. Wider is softest and it starts to sharpen up as it's stopped down. By about f:11 it's pretty sharp. New users should make a number of exposures at various lens openings and keep good notes until you find the aperature that pleases your tastes. Many other variables come into play like film selection, lighting, development and printing. I like Tri-X developed in PMK with low contrast lighting like umbrellas or open sky.

It takes some time & experimentation to get comfortable with these lenses and many give up before they've found the best results.

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pat krentz
14-Jul-2000, 14:03
The diagonal measurement of a 4x5 neg is 160mm give or take a mm or two. The 7 inch lens is 177.8mm viewing circle, so coverage is no problem, that is at your largest apeture, as you stop down, the area of coverage on the neg increases. Pat

Dean Lastoria
17-Jul-2000, 21:43
Thanks for your specs. I'm gonna give it a try.