View Full Version : unknown Rietzschel Baryt Anastigmat 60mm lens

Dr Klaus Schmitt
14-Aug-2007, 16:05
Any info would be welcome!

Thanks, Klaus

15-Aug-2007, 19:40
Klaus: HAve your tried this web site [http://www.cameraeccentric.com/index.html]
he has a lot of booklets from many firms: good luck

Uli Mayer
16-Aug-2007, 11:13
Thiele has two series of Rietzschel Baryt lenses listed: a type 6.8/ fl 120 - 210mm (60°) introduced in 1908, and a 7.5-8/ 90 - 120mm (65°) introduced in 1900; according to him it was a 4-4 design offered as a modestly priced lens ("kostengünstiges Objektiv"). Thus the Baryt is certainly in quite a different class than those rare and famed Rietzschel Linear quadruplet lenses.

Glenn Thoreson
16-Aug-2007, 19:52
I have a 135mm Reitzschel Aplanat that I've always wondered about. It's in a crappy shutter that doesn't work right, so I've never used it. You don't see Reitzschel lenses around much.

Dr Klaus Schmitt
18-Aug-2007, 17:25
Thanks to all.

Uli, in welchem Thiele haben Sie das gefunden??

Cheers, Klaus

Dr Klaus Schmitt
18-Aug-2007, 17:32
Found the source, thanks Uli!

I see 4 major and 4 weak reflexes, so it could be a 6:2 construction (6 lenses/2 groups)

15-Dec-2014, 03:31
can you please let me know the serial number of this lens?