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Utomo Tjipto
14-Aug-2007, 01:14
Hi all,:)

I just receive a good offer on Schneider 72 SA XL (by phone), and have not actually sees it. I am using a Wista VX.

My question is it possible to mount and use the movements provided by this lens on my Wista VX, but without changing the regular bellows into a bag bellows?

Bob Salomon, if possible I need your opinion on this. The diameter of the rear components is possible to be inside the Front standard (SA 72 rear diameter is 75mm).

I have searched this forum, but I couldnt find any threads on SA XL 72 and Wista VX).
Thank you so much guys..


14-Aug-2007, 03:15
You'll need a set of wide-angle bellows. It's unworkable with the regular bellows.

The diameter of the 90mm Scheider Angulon XL f5.6 fits into a Wista SW which I work with and there are no problems with the rear element size. Check out on the Schneider website if your 72mm XL rear element is any larger than the 90mm. If it isn't you won't have any problems with this set up.

14-Aug-2007, 04:08
I don't know if it helps much but the 90mm SAXL needs the rear protection ring removing so that it will fit onto my Ebony 45SU but someone I know with a 72mm SAXL doesn't have the problem on their folding Ebony...


Utomo Tjipto
14-Aug-2007, 05:34
Thank you guys.
Its what I am worried about. Is it easy to change bellows from regular into bag bellows, in field condition?


Bob Salomon
14-Aug-2007, 06:07
The 72mm fits. The WA bellows is very easy to change under any condition. You need the bag bellows with a 72mm.

Utomo Tjipto
14-Aug-2007, 08:31
Thank you guys for the feedback.

Going to think about the WA bellows costs also then.