View Full Version : D-76 1+1, dip-n-dunk with tmy,tmx

Chuck P.
13-Aug-2007, 17:51
Looking for any comments on developing tmx & tmy with d-76 at 1+1 in a tank (specifically I will be using the combi plan tanks in the dip-n-dunk method). I've done some reading up on t-max films and have seen on a couple of occasions that they seem to need quite vigorous agitation during the agitation cycle.

Is this correct? Has anyone had any difficulties using the combi-plan tanks with these films using the dip-n-dunk method of agitation? By difficulties, I mean achieving even development while standardizing for "N", "N+1", and "N-1"?

Thanks for any helpful information.

Gene McCluney
16-Aug-2007, 05:45
You should have no problem using D76 1+1 dilution in a Combi-plan tank, but remember that dilution is a "one-shot" which you dispose of after one use. I have found that T-max films (at least for me) do not require modifying my agitation over conventional films when developing in D-76, either straight or 1+1.