View Full Version : suggested telly lens for ArcaSwiss6x9/4x5

Raymond Bleesz
6-Oct-2000, 11:24
I am interested in suggestions for a longer lens for my AS6x9/4x5 format camera. Presently, my longest lens is a 210. In my 35mm work, the longest is a 300 and in 2 1/4, the longest is 200. I have been looking at lenses perhaps around 360L F--Am I looking in the right direction or perhaps you may have other suggestions ?. Scenics are not my primary objective, however, I feel the need to "reach out" and "zeroing in" further than my 210 allows. I certainly would be interested in hearing specifically from Acra Swiss or comparable camera users---------Respect fully, Raymond A. Bleesz

Raymond Bleesz
6-Oct-2000, 11:38
A PS to the above------I also have a longer rail & standard bellows in my kit. RB

Ellis Vener
6-Oct-2000, 12:22
I've had good success with the T-Nikkors, but I haven't used the 360mm version.

Gary Jones
7-Oct-2000, 11:13
If you're patient, you may want to check out Schneiders new 400mm/5.6 telly when it comes out. I don't have any more details, I just spotted it on Robert Whites web site... http://www.robertwhite.co.uk/Information/schneider.htm#LabelLens400. Maybe Kerry Thalmann will read this and chime-in with a release date, he seems to have the latest info on the new Scheiders.