View Full Version : Photo ops in Historic Philadelphia

Jim Thompson
12-Aug-2007, 16:35
My wife and I are planning on spending a few days, 3 or 4, in the "historic section" of Philadelphia shortly after Labor day. Not sure where to stay, or what to photograph. I am hoping to find some interesting architecture there, and will probably have a couple of hours in the early mornings to wander around near whatever hotel we select. I enjoy the morning light, and my wife is not an early riser, so it works for both of us, I can get in some time photographing while she sleeps. I sure would appreciate anyone opinions of accommodations there, the type of parking at the hotels, and does anyone in the city get excited when they see a 4x5 on a tripod. I mostly shoot with black and white, and do appreciate the way the morning light can create some great images if one happens to be in the right place at that time. Any help with specific locations would help make my short stay that much more productive.