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11-Aug-2007, 23:10
Hi im new here.
I live in amsterdam but love taking picture's of the nature.
Here is my personal album http://pics.ww.com/v/Falka/ from me and my girlfriend.

Comments are always welcome.



Ralph Barker
12-Aug-2007, 07:03
Greetings. While nice, most of the images in your personal album seem more like 35mm or digital images, which begs the question of what you are using for large format.

kevin kelly
15-Aug-2007, 10:49
Hi from the Republic of Ireland. This forum is a great resource. Have fun, Lela.


15-Aug-2007, 14:30
Hi there Kevin -

welcome to the forum. Where abouts in County Mayo are you from?

It's an amazing place. Haven't been in years. Croagh Patrick was in the news recently for its annual pilgrimage too.

Enjoy the forum ;)

15-Aug-2007, 16:41
Hi lela, welcome from Hawaii.

kevin kelly
16-Aug-2007, 08:37
Hi Rob. its not my actual intro - haven,t got round to it yet!

I live in a place called Keelouges, its 5 miles east of Castlebar. Croagh Patrick is visible out my bedroom window!!! Its a dream area for landscape!!!

Sorry about hijacking your intro Lele...hope you gorgive me.


16-Aug-2007, 16:16
Yikes. How on earth did I misread!

Welcome Lela - how's the weather in the Netherlands! What sort of viewcamera are you using?

Kevin - that's really really surreal. Mayo is so stunning I' surprised it remains hidden from the tourist radar for the most part. I remember Castlebar - think it had one street there and had a secondhand book store with lots of Irish politics books and local interest. Actually I remember it, because there wasn't anything larger than Newport for miles! Looking forward to seeing your work here.