View Full Version : Storing unexposed sheet film

Jeff Hall
11-Jul-2000, 17:23
After opening a box of film, say a 100 sheet box, What is best way to store the unexposed film? I stored loaded cassetes in the fridge one time and forgot abou t one of them, the film was so stuck to the cassete, paint came off the film hol der. Thanks for the help.

Charlie Stracl
11-Jul-2000, 17:50
I wrap the box in plastic wrap, then put that in a zip-lock bag. I've also put loaded film holders (in zip locks) in the refrigerator, but not the freezer.

Bure to allow warm-up time before you open them.

Your problem was likely not temperature, but condensation. That's the reason for the plastic wrap and zip locks.

11-Jul-2000, 17:52
I just leave it in the box, in a cool dark room e.g a cupboard. Same goes for loaded slides. BTW anyone know where I can get an as new or mint graphmatic going for a song?

pat krentz
11-Jul-2000, 19:52
You can put the film in the freezer, just remember to take it out long enought to thaw before you try using it. I have stored film and paper this way and have never had a problem. The baggies are a very good idea, just be sure to open them when you defrost so the condensation can escape. Pat