View Full Version : 65mm on a Master Technika

11-Aug-2007, 15:01
Pardon my naive questions, but I am new to these lands of large format. I am considering a 65mm lens for use on a Master Technika. Can this combination work? Is anything beyond the basics of the camera necessary, such as a recessed lensboard or the close focusing apparatus about which I have heard rumors? From what I can tell, the coverage of a Calter II-N or Rodenstock Grandagon is marginal but adequate for 4x5. I anticipate use primarily for landscapes, so would I be correct in thinking that I won't need a lot of movements? Any and all advice and suggestions would be most appreciated.

Bob Salomon
11-Aug-2007, 15:21
No. You will need the discontinued Auxialliary Focusing Device and a lens board from the 23 Super Technika.

The shortest lens that can be used on the focusing tracks of the MT is a 72mm. With the MT 2000 and the new MT 3000 the shortest lens you can use on the internal focus track of these models is a 35mm.

But the 2000 and 3000 do not have a rangefinder.