View Full Version : Se toning question

11-Aug-2007, 13:55
Does the absence of a color shift with certain papers mean that Se toning provides no significant protection for images on those papers? Thanks.

N. Riley

Greg Lockrey
11-Aug-2007, 16:22
No, it does. Some papers just don't appear to show the toning but it did happen.

Oren Grad
11-Aug-2007, 16:23
No. The visual effect varies considerably by paper, and does not correlate with the extent of protection.

"Considerable" protection, though, may require more toning (more concentrated solution and/or longer time) than many older references indicate. More recent research suggests that the treatment traditionally recommended by Kodak for protection, relatively brief toning in Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner diluted 1+20 or 1+40, may leave much of the image silver unprotected.