View Full Version : Kodak portrait lens 305mm f4.5 RY272

10-Aug-2007, 22:02
I know nothing about photography but have come upon this lens and want to sell it. I have been trying to research it and can find little info. Can anyone give guidance as to its rarity/commonnes/ uses/ value or direct me to a site with such info?> Any help woul dbe most appreciated.

Robert A. Zeichner
11-Aug-2007, 04:13
RY272 is the serial number and indicates the lens was made in 1960 if I remember the letter code correctly. If you Google Kodak portrait lens 305mm f4.5, you'll have lots to read about it.

11-Aug-2007, 08:29
yes, of course i have googled it and i can't find the detail i am looking for, that is why I posted here.

Kerik Kouklis
11-Aug-2007, 08:41
Is it in a barrel or a shutter? Condition of glass? Overall condition? Pictures would help. This is a soft focus portrait lens that is capable of producing beautiful images.

11-Aug-2007, 09:22
The Kodak 305mm Portrait lens was available in either a barrel or mounted in an Ilex #5 shutter. In the shutter, the speed is rated at f/4.8. The barrel mounting was a little faster, so my guess is that you have the barrel version at f/4.5. Since the difference in speed is not appreciable, the shuttered version is probably going to be worth more.

According to the Lens Vademecum this lens was made beginning in the 1940's (although no production run is given) and it is coated. It is color corrected and the diffusion which is greatest wide open, decreases until at f/22 the lens is sharp. The lens was made in both 12 inch and 16 inch focal lengths. The 12 inch is more common and was intended for 5x7 while the 16 inch was intended for 8x10. At least one user on this forum, however, has used the 12 inch easily with 8x10. The 16 inch version will cover ULF sizes, especially at portrait working distances. From my own experience, the look of the lens is very similar to the Wollensak Verito. And yes, the iris is in front of the glass. There is not an element missing.

As far as value, Ebay is your best bet. The usual variables affect the value: condition, damage, whether or not the flange is missing, original lens caps and packaging, etc. For a clean example of the version in shutter, they've been around US$400 or a little more for a while, although there are always the outliers which go for substantially more or less. You might also check with Igor Camera (http://www.igorcamera.com).