View Full Version : 72XL + CF + LPol + X-Pro - Is this crazy?

9-Aug-2007, 18:45
Still hunting for something in the 72/75 FL and am considering the 72 XL. But here is a potential issue. Much of my landscape imagery combines Polarizers and GND filters (0.3/0.6 most often). If I use the CF for the 72XL, the front thread is bumped up to a whopping 112mm. I can find a Kaessman polarizer for this but the problem is GND filters. The Lee system is out since their filters are 100 x 100mm. So I was thinking the Schneider Schott Glass GND filters (5" x 5") or Tiffen (5" x 6"). My question is to anyone who has used this approach, will the 5" filters fit the Cokin X-Pro filter holder which holds 5.1" wide filters (13 cm), or will they just slide on right through the bottom? Are there tension springs in the holder which will grab the filter despite the fact it is off by 0.1". Will the X-Pro vignette on this lens?

Eric Leppanen
9-Aug-2007, 19:21
Lee will custom make a variety of filters (including ND grad filters) to fit the X-Pro system. UK pricing is listed here:


For U.S. pricing, I suggest contacting a Lee reseller (such as Jeff at Badger Graphic) or directly talking to John Adler of Lee U.S.A.

9-Aug-2007, 19:28
Cheers Eric, did not appreciate this fact. Price is 25% that of the cost of a B+W or Tiffen grad filter. That is a significant enough difference to seriously consider. Any idea if the X-Pro is going to cause a vignetting issue on the 72XL?

9-Aug-2007, 19:39
Any idea if the X-Pro is going to cause a vignetting issue on the 72XL?

Uh oh. 72XL + CF + LPol = differential polarisation due to your wide-angle lens choice.

Personally, I think polarisers should be burnt in a celebratory bonfire although that's besides the point :rolleyes:

The Cokin X-Pro holder (un)fortunately gets in the way in the corners when I use a lens of 88 degrees angle of view (diagonal) with 1 *normal* correction filter. This means, would you believe, that I can't use a polariser to create those awful cheesy saturated shots - I'm gutted.

In any case, if you have a lens with 120 degree angle of view, not only will you get very uneven polarised sky due to the wide-angle, but also vignetting from the Cokin X-Pro holder.

The way around the second issue is to hand-hold the filter directly over the CF+LP and hope your fingers don't get in the way. Failing that....an amputation?

Of the CP filter that is ;)

9-Aug-2007, 19:49
Rob, I hear you. I avoid polarizers on wide angles when sky is involved, but where I do use them is in the Eastern Forests of New Hampshire/Vermont/Adirondacks, the Rainforests of Olympic NP etc. They very effectively reduce surface glare from vegetation, boost saturation (modestly), and if one has a water fall or stream in the image, increases the length of exposure to achieve a nice silky effect. I might also add the post-acquistion processing of images digitally benefits from a polarizer in that when sharpening is applied, less "halos" result, particularly annoying on vegetation.

9-Aug-2007, 19:53
the problem with polarisation on vegetation is that the contrast of the green darkens, akin to black. Whereas it can reduce surface glare (and lose the rest of the shadow detail), the relative effect is an acquired taste!

If you go for a 5x5" filter choice, Scott glass filters can set you back a lot. Hi-Tech, a glass company in Wales, UK, also market 5x5" glass filters to order. These are much more durable and more optically clean than the Cokin X-Pro ND grads (which scratch a lot).

Ed Richards
9-Aug-2007, 21:06
The 72XL is a great lens for building interiors with its huge image circle, but I have a hard time imaging why you would need that much image circle for landscapes. (I am assuming you are shooting 4x5.) Moving to the 72XL from, say, a Nikon 75 or a SS 80, will add pounds to your equipment and thousands to your filter costs, not to mention what a joy 5x5 glass filters are to handle in the field.

Jean-Marie Solichon
10-Aug-2007, 00:34
For this kind of job (4x5 ekta) I'm using a Schneider SA 75/5,6 with Heliopan Polarizer and no CF.

10-Aug-2007, 04:21
Jean-Marie, unfortunately the Schneider 75 SA is no longer available. I guess this leaves the 75 Grandagon. I would have thought you would see vignetting on the 75 with a polarizer mounted straight up. I would have thought an EW or SUR+larger size filter would have been necessary.

Jean-Marie Solichon
10-Aug-2007, 04:54
Other people may disagree, and I must say I'm not fan of wide angles, but I don't feel tempted by 72XL and SS80. There should be plenty of 75 SA, Nikkor SW and Grandagon on the used market. And I confirm that the SA at least does'nt show vignetting with a regular Heliopan Pola mounted straight up.

Ed Richards
10-Aug-2007, 05:30
You can buy a brand new Nikon 75mm f 4.5 from B&H. 67mm filter, the center filter only pushes it to 86mm. I use the Nikon 65mm and even it has enough movement for landscapes, and it as sharp a lens as I have seen.