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neil poulsen
9-Aug-2007, 04:47
Does anyone know of processing labs in Denver that can do a great job on 4x5 C-41 color negatives? A friend of mine and I are flying to and photographing there, and we want to avoid airport problems by processing the film in Denver.

While we're at it, what can we expect regarding inspection at the Denver airport? Anything draconian?

Thanks, Neil

eric black
9-Aug-2007, 04:59
I had the personnel decide to do a bomb scan on every single quickload I had in my possesion on a recent trip. The swabbing and analysis took 40 minutes and nearly made me miss my plane. They were convinced that they needed to do each individaul piece of film seperately to identify which would be the bomb despite me telling them a general scan would accomplish the same thing and not take nearly as much time- worst experience I ever had and at least 2-3 of my top five take place at that airport. Ship your film out following shooting if an appropriate lab cant be located is my advice.

Walter Calahan
9-Aug-2007, 05:11
The most effective solution to airport security has been to equip the cockpit doors with heavy locks, some thing airline companies didn't want to do before 911 due to cost.

Most of the massive spending on the TSA has been a waste, and a pain in the backside of most travelers. Our tax dollars at work funding yet another large government bureaucracy.

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9-Aug-2007, 05:59
I do all of my E6 and C41 stuff at Reed Photo Imaging at 888 Federal Blvd (a little south of Invesco Field @ Mile High). They cater to some big names, so no worries about messed up film. They also have a dark room for loading/unloading film if you need it.

On the web: www.reedphoto.com

As for DIA, there's no set rule I've found. Generally I get through there without hassle, but I also spent one trip getting a thorough inspection. Having film hand inspected isn't usually a problem, but I also found one guard who was not willing to do it. I thought about calling her manager over, but I was in a hurry so I just let her run my film through the machine. As I said, though, generally it's one of the better airports I've flown in/out of.

Have a great trip!

Michael Kadillak
9-Aug-2007, 06:43
DIA and security with sheet film is a crap shoot. I have not had good experiences at all.

I would get it processed. I use A Professional Photo Service at Arapahoe Road and I-25 is easy to get to. South on E470 to I-25. I-25 North to Arapahoe Road East on Arapahoe Road 1 mile. (303) 792 2772. Rick Carpenter is the man there.

Good Luck!

Raymond Bleesz
9-Aug-2007, 06:55
Neil, I would suggest Reed Photo as well (near downtown/Bronco Stadium off of I-25)--------if time allows, certainly take in the Camera Obscura Gallery which is in the neighborhood, next to the Denver Art Museum, downtown--one of the finest photo galleries West of the Mississippi.

Raymond, In the Vail Valley, Edwards

al olson
9-Aug-2007, 07:16
When I am in Denver I use Reed Photo as well. I believe they are on Federal Blvd. Qube Visual was also recommended to me, but I couldn't find their location the first time so I ended up using Reed.

9-Aug-2007, 17:13
I have always used Qube since they would give me a discount and have never messed an order up on me. They are on Santa Fe Ave. Its a one way and is best approached from the South. I don't live there any more but I believe the cross street was 12th.

Henry Ambrose
10-Aug-2007, 05:20
It'll be different every time you fly through Denver. I don't know if its to confuse the bad guys or make your life difficult or what but it'll be different.