View Full Version : Anchorage to Seattle with Three Dogs

Eric James
6-Aug-2007, 14:44
I have been homeless since August 1st and unemployed since the 2nd, taking the long road from Anchorage to my new life in Seattle. This was supposed to be a dream trip photo extravaganza, but I have yet to expose my first sheet of film. Things are looking up today: my tent is dry, my finger doesn't appear to be broken, I have all of my graduated neutral density filters in one pack, and the dogs are adapting to life in the back of my RAV4.

If the weather holds I hope to photograph fireweed along Turnagain Arm this evening. Fireweed is at its peak in August. South of Anchorage on the road to Turnagain Pass there are fields of fuschia along the inlet - you pick your background: the inlet, the mountains, or your backseat baggage.

This finger of water called Turnagain Arm is a year-around photographic playground. Last month, at the head of the inlet, acres and acres of alpine lupine complimented the purple glow of the midnight sky - if you're lucky enough to catch it on a windless evening your images will make you proud. Like the Bay of Fundy, Turnagain Arm congers forth two daily bore tides with its progressively narrowing width, high tidal flux, and other geo-astronomic funkiness. The mudflats are dangerous so be careful; ten-foot-deep sinkholes have swallowed up better men and dogs.

6-Aug-2007, 19:12
I went on a ride-along with an Alaska State Trooper years ago. His patrol area was mostly along Turnagain. I miss AK so much!
Good luck with your drive, stay safe, get shooting!

Brook Martin
6-Aug-2007, 19:14
Homeless and jobless and on Turnagain Arm, you lucky dog! I have never seen a place with such constant and total beauty.

9-Aug-2007, 17:17
When you get further south, take the Cassiar if you want that 'oh fuck, Im in the middle of nowhere and running out of gas' kind of excitement. Its also a pretty nice place to shoot as well, especially around Hyder, AK.


v gese
10-Aug-2007, 22:28
Eric, enjoy your journey south to the lower 48. Turnagain truly is a most unique place. Spent many an hour in all seasons chasing the light, waiting for still water reflections, gazing at those clouds, and searching for that perfect tidal flat pattern. Spent one memorable morning at 20 Mile when the lupine were perfect, the light incredible and no wind for hours, a rare event. I miss Alaska.
Safe travels. Best, Vance Gese