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Miguel Coquis
6-Aug-2007, 02:06
I bought this antique lens in barrel some years ago and I just mount it on a board to see how it behaves on my field LF camera .
It is 310mm, f:6,8 and it opens to about 4,5. Very comfortable to see on the screen-glass.
It seems to have a huge image circle that can cover over 11x14".
If some one have any information, I will be very glad to learn more about this lens.

Sven Schroder
6-Aug-2007, 12:03

I have a Hermagis booklet which includes the Aplanastigmat, its in French but I can make out with the illustration its dagor/collinear type the subtitle is "Double Anastigmat Symetrique" wideopen 56 degree coverage with 90 degree's at F14, and is convertable with each elements F12.3 and 1.75 times the combined focal length. It was available in Type A 75mm to 136mm and Type B from160mm to 450mm yours is Type B F6.8 and covers 18x24 wideopen and 30x40 at f14. So think French dagor and you won't be far out.

Thanks and Regards

Miguel Coquis
7-Aug-2007, 10:36
Hi, thanks for the data, is very useful for me. I just make a picture with it on 5x7 and it seems very interesting lens.