View Full Version : ULF Film ----Special Order----20x24” AND BEYOND

George W.
4-Aug-2007, 21:51

I am currently looking for other potential buyers in order to get enough people together for a special order of EFKE PL100 in Rollformat (175 micron polyester support):

Film width= 9.5” Roll Length=10m Minimum order quantity=10 Rolls
Film width= 20” Roll Length=10m Minimum order quantity=10 Rolls
Film width= 40” Roll Length=10m Minimum order quantity=10 Rolls

My main interest is focussed on the 20” width rolls, for following reasons:
1. you can cut out 20*24” as sheets
2. you can cut out 20”* XXX”, for anything larger as experiment
As long as you stick to the 20”width, you are able to get paper for making contact copies as a standard product.

I have a minor interest for the 9.5” width rolls, which would allow to have panoramic cameras 9.5” by XXX”; the reasons for only "minor" interest:
1. you can get aerofilm in this size
2. I do not think that you have available paper in this width as a standard product.

The very large width of 40" is currently of little interest to me, as it is simply too wide,
And I see no practical way to cut it into a standard smaller format. Nevertheless it is always good to know, there is a company out there willing to supply this as a special order.

The current commercial proposal has been worked out by Lotus View Camera in Austria,
and I think it would be best to email them directly to show your interest in a group ordering for 20" wide film.

Disclaimer: This is not a commercial posting. I have no personal interest in this matter, except that I want to get enough people interested to attain the minimum order quantity of 10 rolls.

---george w.