View Full Version : Do I need a shutter for 8x10?

G Benaim
4-Aug-2007, 01:52
Hi all,

In my continuing quest for an 8x10 contact printing setup, I'm now debating whether to get a shutter. I already have a couple of barrel lenses, and was wondering if I should get a packard, or at least one lens w shutter. If a packard, which ones have the instantaneous setting? What size would I need for a calumet c-1 w 6in boards ? I figure if I'm shooting 100asa film at f64, that leaves me at about 1/2 in full sun if I expose at 50asa right? So other than for freezing motion, do any of you 8x10 shooters ever really need anything faster than 1/2 sec? Thanks,


Ralph Barker
4-Aug-2007, 06:43
Of course you'll need a shutter. But, it can be as simple as a black hat over your barrel lens, or a Packard shutter. ;)

A modern lens with a conventional shutter certainly adds flexibility, though.

Dan Schmidt
4-Aug-2007, 07:15
It is certainly nice having a shutter. You don't always want to stop down and go do really long exposures. You are increasing the chance that something in the image will move or something else will go wrong.

When I started with 8x10 I had a calumet C1 and a Turner Reich triple convert. The shutter speeds on the lens were way off so I stopped down and used the bulb mode for exposures of a few seconds. That was a good way to get going but somewhat limiting. So i got a Nikkor M 300m, nice and small with reasonable coverage and later added other lenses.

Start making negatives with your lenses and a hat or lens cap "shutter" and get the whole process going. I think setting up a Packard might be too much trouble right now, or not.

But look on the forums for modern 300 mm lens with a copal shutter for sale. If you can spare the cash to acquire, it you can always use it for a while, and either keep it or resell it without taking a loss.

John Kasaian
4-Aug-2007, 08:09
For the work you describe, a shutter is a luxury---a nice luxury but only that. A lens cap such a Ralph Barker describes will work just fine. If you want to try a Packard, the size you'll need depends on the diameter of your lens.