View Full Version : Protarlinse -- Help please?

4-Aug-2007, 00:59
A friend here in Adealide has given me on loan a a Carl Zeiss Jena Protarlinse in a compound shutter.

It doesn't have an aperture scale as such only a scale that I assume is the mm opening size of the iris. This I assume when divided into the focal length of the lens group gives a working apeture.

The two element groupings are a 35cm and a 48cm.

I know nothing about this lens but the glass is in amazingly beautiful condition and the shutter works.

I haven't made a lens board for the lens as yet, that is tomorrows project but with both lens groups fitted to the shutter it aeems to be a shorter focal length than the 35cm ???? If it is does anyone have an idea what ength it may be?

Any information on the lens would be appreciated.


Ole Tjugen
4-Aug-2007, 02:27
Satz-Protars commonly had apertures marked in millimeters opening, since there were several cells that could be combined in one shutter. A triple convertible may have three aperture scales - add a third cell, and there just isn't room for the six aperture scales needed!

anyway: A 48cm and a 35cm protar cell combined gives a 23cm f:7.7 combined lens.

Jim Galli
4-Aug-2007, 09:54
Steve, easier than you think. Simply focus, measure gg - aperture distance - dive the mm scale into this and it's your aperture. ie. focused at infin, 230mm set the aperture to 10.5mm. 10.5 inot 230 = 22. F22 Focus the 48cm group at 70cm and set the mm dial at 11mm 700 divided by 11 = 64 you're at f64

BTW, they are wonderful lenses. It'll cover 8X10 easily at the combined groups and you can get a 42cm group for it sometime to make more combinations. They were corrected so well you can mix and match from most any era of mfg.

4-Aug-2007, 19:13
Great info, thanks Jim and Ole. I have cut a new lensboard this morning and will be out this afternoon to try it out. The serial number is 918700 [350] and the 480 is 918828. Anyone have any ideas on the age of the lens? The shutter is running slow but appears to be consistently slow so I can work around that.

Ole Tjugen
5-Aug-2007, 02:59
918xxx is 1928, according to Thiele. :)