View Full Version : New focus screen needed

11-Jul-2000, 08:53
Can someone provide me with a UK address for a new focussing screen as mine is a bout as bright as a 1 watt bulb, and is neither gridded nor has any marking for roll or polaroid (the last two points I can take care of myself with a chinagrap h if necessary though). Depending on the price I was thinking about a BOSS screen or a Linhof super sc reen but one question will the Linhof fit my MPP Mk7? Thanks for any help.

Doug Paramore
11-Jul-2000, 11:46
David: As you may have already noticed, there is a contact for the BOSS screen in the current Q&As. I have the MPP MK7 and have plenty of brightness with my screen. Have you taken yours off and washed it? They do get dirty over the years. I washed mine with mild dish detergent, rinsed it in hot water and let it dry. Also, my camera has the Fresnel screen. That helps a lot. I probably don't get as much brightness with my screen as with a super screen, but I have plenty of light to focus my 90mm f8 lens even in low light.

Dave Glenn
11-Jul-2000, 15:33
I tried to reply to the previous enquiry re BOSS screens - without success. Here goes - I got mine for my MPP mk. VII last December (David, if I remember correctly, you also have an MPP - if so, you need to request a Cmbo fitting - it's perfect). I got it from Robert White in Poole, UK (Tel. 01202 723046). It cost about #92.