View Full Version : Lab for both C-41 & E-6?

Michael T. Murphy
3-Aug-2007, 09:23
Hi folks!

Sorry for another tedious "which lab" thread. :)

I looked through most of the threads here and wound up with very few comments for what I need. It looks like a lot of the labs that are recommended most often are E-6 only (Calypso, etc.)

Right now I am shooting both C-41 and E-6, probably 10 sheets of C-41 to 1 of E-6. I have a local E-6 lab, but they don't do C-41 anymore.

I have an order typed up to send to e-sixlab.com in Atlanta. They do both C-41 and E-6. For 4x5, it is $1.75 a sheet for C-41, and $2.25 for E-6. I have about 100 sheets I need to send in.

Anyone have comments on them, pro or con? Other god labs that will do both?

I am in Michigan, so Atlanta is decent from a shipping standpoint. The West Coast is fairly slow, unfortuantely - a full week via FedEx Ground, vs. 1 to 2 days to Atlanta.


Walter Calahan
3-Aug-2007, 09:43
Chrome Inc, Washington DC


They FedEx.

Henry Ambrose
3-Aug-2007, 11:58
Chromatics in Nashville, TN -- closer to you than Atlanta.


(gotta keep our local labs in business)

Frank Petronio
3-Aug-2007, 12:28
Edgar Praus http://www.4photolab.com in Rochester, NY does it all, one stop, fresh chem and clean runs because he has enough volume to do it right.

Michael T. Murphy
3-Aug-2007, 14:02
Thanks, those all look like nice labs!

I wouldn't have found any of those on my own. Knowing the folks that recommend them, I am sure they are good too if y'all are using them! :)

I understand the need to support the local labs. I wish I still had one within a reasonable drive.

Thanks again!


3-Aug-2007, 15:14
I've used Praus in the past, but I mostly use them for B&W (which I don't much of). C41 I don't do at all. Praus seems to be fast, reliable and responsive as well.

3-Aug-2007, 20:22