View Full Version : Long Exposures B vs T

Zach In Israel
3-Aug-2007, 05:46
Is there any real reason to use the "B" mode over the "T" mode or vice versa for long exposures? The Copal 0 shutter on my Caltar II-N 150 has both.

Ben R
3-Aug-2007, 05:56
Depends on how fiddly your cable release is!

Zach In Israel
3-Aug-2007, 06:00
Depends on how fiddly your cable release is!

Thanks, I figured it was a more or less the same kind of deal, but wanted to ask to be sure. In some ways using "T" is helpful, as I can put the locking release on a different camera.

Walter Calahan
3-Aug-2007, 06:07
I like B for exposures under say around 5 seconds. Above 5 seconds I usually use the T mode. Your preference may be different.

MIke Sherck
3-Aug-2007, 06:34
If I'm going to be standing there next to the camera while exposing, I'll use 'B'. If the exposure is long enough that I'll want to wander off, I use 'T'.

I'm not difficult to get along with. :)


Zach In Israel
3-Aug-2007, 06:50
Thanks, this will mostly be for deep sky astrophotography. So I will be at the telescope eyepiece, I've lost a few shots on 35mm due to the lock on the cable release not doing the right thing, so I think I will try to use "T".