View Full Version : anyone know the image circle for 9.5" Blue Dot

Joe Forks
2-Aug-2007, 12:05
anyone know the image circle for 9.5" Blue Dot Trigor?


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
2-Aug-2007, 12:34
The 9.5" Trigors are supposed to have a sharp IC at infinity of just under 16", about 80 degrees. This is enough for 8x10, but not 11x14. Their coverage is slightly smaller than the f6.8 Dagor.

Joe Forks
2-Aug-2007, 13:12
Thanks Jason,

John Schneider
2-Aug-2007, 13:48
posting semi-hijack:

Does anyone know in what sizes the BD Trigor was made? I have a 12" and 14" and here's a 9.5" -- were they ever made in shorter or longer lengths?

Henry Suryo
3-Aug-2007, 08:54
I've only seen the 9.5", 12", and 14", but if I remember correctly, I think I saw in a Goerz catalog a 19" version labelled WA Process, but have never seen one. The 14" lens, and perhaps the others, were made by both Goerz Optical and also Kern in Switzerland (and is labelled as such on the rear cell) and I do believe the 14" is the most common length for the Trigor. The 12" is rather uncommon and I believe it is an F8 lens. Interestingly, the lens that you have listed for sale seems to be marked without the Blue Dot, at least I can't see it on the pics. Not sure if this means that not all Trigors are Blue Dots :confused: