View Full Version : Something fun to put in an 00 shutter?

2-Aug-2007, 07:05
So the speeds were starting to get a bit erratic on the Compur 00 on my SA 90mm f8. I decided to have the shutter CLA'd, but I didn't want to be without the SA while it was being done.

I scouted out everbodies favorite auction site for another Compur, but found a cheap, very simple Kodak 00 shutter instead. The original plan was to sell the interim shutter, but I've actually grown to like this little thing quite a bit. There's a certain beauty to its simplicity. Besides I've got about $20 tied up in it, including shipping, so I think I'll just keep it in case it ever has to perform substitue duty again.

Meanwhile, I was wondering if there was a cheap lens that I could throw in there just to play with (and keep the thing exercised a bit). The crazier it is, the more I'd like it. I'd also like something on the cheaper side since it is just kind of a toy anyways.

So what's out there that I could look to put in this bugger?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Brian Ellis
2-Aug-2007, 08:26
Tape a piece of plastic or some such material to the front of the shutter, stick a pin hole in it, see what you get. That's about as cheap as it gets. Or if you wanted to spend a little more money but not much more you could buy a pre-cut pinhole piece and hold it in front of the shutter.

2-Aug-2007, 08:38
Maybe get some glass and grind yourself a lens? :D

Try lens elements from junked camera lenses, maybe from 35mm's, or even cut up monocles or binoculars. I play with condenser lenses and binocular pieces and stuff. pretty fun to see if it will even focus.

Jim Galli
2-Aug-2007, 10:50
tape a 3X closeup filter on the back of it or any other little meniscus that's laying around. Anything fuzzy must be art, right?