View Full Version : Compund shutter problem--worth fixing?

1-Aug-2007, 22:00
This old Compound that I acquired has a couple of problems:

In M mode, the shutter cocks, but when it's fired it opens and generally doesn't close again.

Finally, it closed, and I moved it to the B/Z settings. B and Z seem to operate the same. As long as the shutter is depressed, it stays open. Isn't Z supposed to be like T?

Although this is my first Compound shutter, I've read about them and am familiar with how they are operated (and how you're not supposed to cock the shutter while in B or Z/T) but whoever had this before me might not have known.

So does this sound like a fixable problem?

erie patsellis
1-Aug-2007, 22:35
I'd guess it is, what lens is in it? How much is it worth to you?

I just got a 210 angulon in a compound 3, for a ridiculously low price, from that evil place in Atlanta that gets all my disposable income (and some not so disposable at times). A full teardown, cleaning and lube and it works good as new, just need to calibrate the times reasonably close.

In my case, I bought it knowing full well that worse case I can use the aperture and my packard shutter, if I got it working, it's a bonus.

If you'd rather not bother, pm me what you have and what you need to get out of it.

2-Aug-2007, 05:07
It has a very old Schneider Tele-Xenar 360/5.5 attached, so I'm guessing it's a size III/7 Compound. The Tele-Xenar of this vintage is the same design as the Dallmeyer Dallon of 1919, which was designed by Booth.

One of the main attractions for me in buying this lens, frankly was the shutter, because I thought one day I might use it for another lens. The seller represented that shutter fires "very very crisply" at all speeds but the speeds are erratic. He also said he had it cleaned, and it was now "thoroughly clean," whatever that means!

Ole Tjugen
2-Aug-2007, 05:40
Old Compounds are always worth cleaning. They don't make them any more, and they are remarkably reliable. They are relatively easy to fix too, there are relatively few moving parts.
At present I have five lenses in Compound shutters (210/4.5 Xenar, 210/6.8 Angulon, 300/5.6 and 360/5.6 Symmars, and 355/9 G-Claron).

2-Aug-2007, 09:08
Are there lenses that would fit into the III/7 Compound without modification, or does it depend on the particular spacing of this sample?

Erich Hoeber
3-Aug-2007, 12:51
As Ole said, they're very easy to fix and quite reliable. Instead of being mostly mechanical, the timing is done by this strange little pneumatic cylinder at the top. It's got these gaskets and if they aren't intact or if the ends of the cylinder aren't screwed down tight, the timing will be erratic or short. Also, I think it isn't easy to adjust the timing, short of filing or replacing the brass bit underneath the dial which probably isn't worth it. I have tested my shutters and have the actual timings taped to the side of the lens barrel.

David A. Goldfarb
3-Aug-2007, 13:01
I have a 360/5.5 in a Tele-Xenar with a Compound that's had a relatively recent CLA from SK Grimes, and it's been great. I think those pneumatic Compound shutters have very low vibration, which is a plus with a long lens.

Ole Tjugen
3-Aug-2007, 13:06
Are there lenses that would fit into the III/7 Compound without modification, or does it depend on the particular spacing of this sample?

For most of the time (after about 1935) there was only the one Compound III.
So anything that fits a Compound III will be a drop-in in this shutter. ALL the ones I mentioned except the 360mm Symmar are in Compound III/7!

erie patsellis
3-Aug-2007, 13:28
of course, and having a 360 5.6 Componon, the III shutter will have to stay with the 210 angulon. anybody have a #5 of the appropriate size that could be sold for less than say a kings ransom?