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1-Aug-2007, 21:40
I'll be in Fiji, specifically the island of Viti Levu, October 7th through 9th. I'll be staying in Nadi, but have reserved a car, so I should be able to visit other parts of the island. I would appreciate any suggestions for locations to photograph. I'll be carrying 4x5 and 35mm.

eric black
6-Aug-2007, 10:19
Personally, I would try to get a plane to the island of Tavauni, which is the garden island. The main island is rather rustic and at least around Nadi, not very scenic. I have heard good things about the eastern and southern shorelines but have never been there. Tavauni doesnt dissapoint in any way, its georgeous and has lots of unusual hikes, shorelines and waterfalls to explore. While there I would recommend the Maravu Plantation if you are interested.

6-Aug-2007, 11:02
I would not worry about the cameras and get a nice mask and snorkel -- the landscape will be around a lot longer than the coral reefs, and I would not miss the opportunity to spend as much time as possible in the water.

That said, in 1987 when I was to finish up 5 months of bicycling in New Zealand, my plan was to bike aound Fiji for a month with the 4x5 before heading home. I sort of regret not doing the biking in Fiji, but my regret is not very strong -- seeing as I went to Australia instead and married a beautiful Aussie (and we did honeymoon for a few days in Fiji on our way back to the States.)

But no matter what, have a great time!


6-Aug-2007, 15:40
Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I'll be flying through Fiji on the way to/from Australia, so I don't have a lot of time (I'll be in Oz for about 12 days). I thought for the first trip I would concentrate on just getting a feeling for the country, which is why I'm staying on Viti Levu. Originally, I was only transiting through Nadi, but found I could do a stopover for only $20 extra, so I added three days to the trip. That being said, Fiji is only a 6 hour flight from here, so there is a good possibility I could return sometime. On a side note, the airplane makes a stop in Christmas Island on the way from Nadi to Honolulu; that gives me some ideas already for a future trip. :)

I'm sure the corals are quite nice, and I am a certified diver. However, I live in Hawaii, so I can snorkle any day I choose (although the coral isn't as nice). Large Format photography is my passion in life, so everything else takes a back seat when I travel.