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1-Aug-2007, 16:24
I was a recovering 8x10 user, but recently purchased a 4x5 Tachihara to get back into things. I tend towards people photography and urban landscapes.

I'm looking forward to the discipline of large format work.



Ralph Barker
1-Aug-2007, 16:25
Welcome, Doug.

Andrew O'Neill
1-Aug-2007, 16:26
Vancouver, BC?

Dave Parker
1-Aug-2007, 17:47
BC, or Washington?

1-Aug-2007, 18:58
Sorry folks. BC it is. North of 49!


Dave Aharonian
1-Aug-2007, 20:09
Greetings from Victoria BC! Its below the 49th!

Dave Parker
1-Aug-2007, 21:15
Welcome to the Forums Doug, hope you find something useful around these parts..

The only reason I asked about which one...I am from the Vancouver, WA area, but love the Vancouver BC area also.

Again, Welcome Back, have fun.


1-Aug-2007, 21:37
Hi Doug,

Welcome from Hawaii. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Andrew O'Neill
1-Aug-2007, 21:42
Welcome Canuck! I'm in Coquitlam just bordering Poco. A few of us get together quite often and go shooting together. Why don't you come along sometime? They are all weird except me...

John Berry
1-Aug-2007, 23:00
They are all weird except me... I just spewed milk out my nose. Welcome from Renton, Washington. Glad to have you here.

Uri Kolet
1-Aug-2007, 23:15
Welcome from Steveston, Doug; glad to have you here. Cheers, Uri

2-Aug-2007, 17:17
Well I shall endeavour to be weird ( I hate to stick out in the crowd, you know?).

As to the other other Vancouver (ie. north of Portland), I haven't been down there yet, but would like to go. I haven't seen Portland yet and I do need to go down there and treat the place like I don't live there.

Andrew: I am interested in the local group, let me know if there is a board somewhere, or just email me at lux_beata at hotmail dot com