View Full Version : 240mm f/9 Apo-fujinon

11-Jul-2000, 23:35
I was thinking of purchasing the following lens 240mm f/9 Apo-fujinon. I am tol d it will cover 8x10 format, but was wondering if anyone had more information. What is the image circle size/ if it covers 8x10 than with how much movements? Thanks in advance.

sheldon hambrick
12-Jul-2000, 02:13

QT Luong
12-Jul-2000, 15:56
It's the same as the Fuji A 240mm F/9 listed on New Large Format Lenses for 8x10.

Kerry L. Thalmann
12-Jul-2000, 16:11

As Sheldon mentioned, you can find specs for this lens at the Fujinon section of my large format homepage. The direct link for the specs on the A series lenses from my most recent (March, 1997) Fujinon brochure is:


This lens was made from the 1970s through mid-1998. Early samples (1970s) were single coated. Starting in early 1980, this lens was offered with the Fujinon EBC multicoating process.

I have not used this lens on 8x10, but I do use it on 4x5 and 5x7 and think highly of it. For more of my comments, see:




Hope that helps, Kerry