View Full Version : I'm Just-In from Athens, Ga.

1-Aug-2007, 11:04
Hey All,
Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm getting back into my photographic hobby and now am the proud owner of two LF cameras after having picked-up a Horseman LE on Ebay. Looking forward to learning about platinum/palladium as a friend said to differentiate your work from the masses ( I figure alternative processes do that). Ready for a long, satisfying ride.

Doug Howk
2-Aug-2007, 02:26
Welcome. Between Georgia & North Florida, there are quite a few of us LF'ers. A few of us in Jax area are doing alt processes too. Now if we could only convince APIS to hold an East Coast biennial!

2-Aug-2007, 05:29
I'm also in Athens, GA- shooting 8x10 and contact printing. Hope you have a blast getting back into LF!

Ralph Barker
2-Aug-2007, 06:01
Welcome to the LF Forum, Paul.

Scott Davis
2-Aug-2007, 06:46
Welcome to the forum from Washington DC. I too am an alt-process person - I'm mostly shooting 5x7, but I've got just about everything between 4x5 and 11x14 (4x5, 5x7, 6.5x8.5, 5x12, 8x10, and 11x14). Platinum/palladium is a great way to go - once you get the basics nailed, it is a richly rewarding medium, with beautiful tonality. Don't be afraid to dabble beyond that though - there are so many media available!

keith english
2-Aug-2007, 19:48
Welcome. I may be the only member in the Macon GA area. I went to school at UGA in Athens. I hope to join the jacksonville folks on an outing if I'm ever not working. Maybe we could get a Georgia outing together sometime.

3-Aug-2007, 06:49
I'm up for it!