View Full Version : Fuji 250mm F6.7 lens

Cesare Berti
30-Jul-2007, 07:40
I've been looking for a moderate wide angle for the 8x10 format. Looking at the specs of this lens it seem to fit the bill: 398mm image cirlce and 80 degree coverage with a Copal # 1 shutter as a bonus. I realize it's the older version and is single coated but since I shoot mainly B&W this should not be an issue.

I would appreciate any comments or opinions on this lens. I wonder how it compares to the "modern" 240mm Plasmats from Schneider etc.

Thanks, Cesare

Michael Graves
30-Jul-2007, 08:19
I own one of these, and since acquiring it, it has become my all-round favorite lens. I use it extensively on 8x10 and do a lot of people shooting on 5x7 with it. It is very sharp, has excellent contrast and coverage and it isn't overly large. However, I can't compare it to the newer Schneiders.

Scott Davis
30-Jul-2007, 09:41
I have it and a 240mm Nikkor. The Nikkor has better overall coverage, but it comes in a Copal 3, and weighs at least double what the Fuji does. I found the image circle on the Fuji to be not as great as claimed, and so I keep it for 5x7 work. It does make for a nice all-round optic on 5x7 though.

Michael Graves
30-Jul-2007, 09:45
Scott, do you have the 6.7 or the 6.3? The latter had a smaller image circle. I get plenty of coverage with my 6.7 to include movements.

Scott Davis
30-Jul-2007, 09:48
I have the 6.7 . It is an older example, but still coated, in the Seiko shutter.

Cesare Berti
30-Jul-2007, 10:24
Michael and Scott thank you for your comments. I picked one up on E Bay kind of on spec but have not received it yet.

I had been looking at the wide field 250mm Extars but the price, condition and older shutters gave me pause. I'm sure they are great lenses but really clean ones are hard to find and pricey, so when the Fuji came up I bought it on impulse without doing much homework.


Scott Davis
30-Jul-2007, 11:11
The 250 Fuji is a very nice lens. The difference between it and the 250 Ektar is that the 250 Ektar will cover 11x14 with movements. If you need the coverage, then the Ektar is THE game in town. That's why they command the prices they do, especially with those older Ilex/Acme #5 shutters. Which are actually not that bad, all things considered. They're quite accurate and reliable, for their design, never having been made as true precision instruments anyway.

Colin Graham
30-Jul-2007, 18:11
I use a old one in a seiko shutter on 5x12, single coated and scratched to hell, but still a great lens.