View Full Version : Arca Swiss 8 X 10 lens board: Which are best for Copal 3?

Michael Scarbrough
10-Jul-2000, 15:43
Which lens board do current users of the Arca-Swiss F-line 8 X 10 find work best , particularly with lenses in Copal 3 shutters, for carrying in a pack? I recen tly bought this camera and purchased the reducing adapter board for Arca 171mm t o 110mm as recommended to me by the retailer. I find that the release for the 1 10 boards does not work well. Also the 110 boards are smaller than the lenses a nd thus offer no protection to the shutter and lens controls protruding from the sides. The options seems to be using the "plate size" Arca 171 boards or buyin g an adapter such as the Arca to Sinar reducer or perhaps a Canham custom to Sin ar or Horseman board. Suggestions?

David A. Goldfarb
10-Jul-2000, 16:50
Not quite an answer to your question, but: I use Sinar-sized boards on my 8x10 Gowland, and find them quite convenient. Many pouches, my f:64 bag side pockets, and many lens wraps are made in this size. It is also generally easier to rent lenses on Sinar boards than in other sizes, so if one must use an adapter anyway, it seems more sensible to me to go with 139mm than 110mm.

Masayoshi Hayashi
10-Jul-2000, 22:40
Although I do not have a 8x10 model, I have F-line 4x5 so it won't make any difference in this topic. I have the Arca reducing board and have used a copal 3 shutter mounted on 110x110 board. I read the release for the 110 boards does not work well, but perhaps you mean the lensboard does not snap on to the reducing adapter easily? One reason could be in your lensboard, which may be the older model, whose light trap is different from the current offering. The older model has a light trap with protrusion near along the edges. The current model does not. My reducing adapter is actually designed for the older lensboard, so perhaps there may be a newely designed reducing adapter for the current lensboard. I find the older lensboard is better as it snags on to the adapter and ensures the lens is aligned on center. The current lensboard has a little bit of play when it is mounted, but easier to do so than the old.

I read also the 110 boards are smaller than the lenses and thus offer no protection to the shutter and lens controls protruding from the sides. The 110 board offers protection to the shutter as it is not bigger than the lensboard. But if your lens outer diameter is bigger than 110mm, you must be using some big lens. You can protect the lens in various ways, but if you are very careful, I would recommend to put the lens into a padded and shelled lens box rather than going to a bigger lensboard because the lens is banged against something else in your bag even if the board is bigger than the lens and unless you use the kind of lens box.

Frankly, I don't have any problem with this configuration. Let me know if I'm missing something.

mike rosenlof
13-Jul-2000, 12:03
I have one lens with a No. 3 shutter in the full size A.S. lensboard. I think even if I used the reducing board for 110mm or Technica size, I would keep this lens in the full size lensboard, just for peace of mind if for no better reason.