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Pete Watkins
28-Jul-2007, 07:37
A friend of mine is holidaying in Orlando, Florida for a couple of weeks. Are there any outlets selling large format film in the city.
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Clay Turtle
28-Jul-2007, 08:47
used to be a viable trade in Daytona Beach as the college was known for it photography but last time I was there it was slim picking. I did deal with a couple of photo-printing outfits around Orlando but they were photo processors even back then. LOL, lots of luck finding LF film anywhere . . .

Chauncey Walden
28-Jul-2007, 09:08
Try Colonial Photo on N Mills.

Doug Howk
28-Jul-2007, 15:16
I'll 2nd the recommendation for Colonial Photo (http://www.colonialphotohobby.com/photography.htm). Its on the Northside of Orlando but not too far from downtown. They have some very knowledgeable people. Gainesville also has a couple of photo stores that cater to the students, and had some LF film last time I was there.

Brian Ellis
29-Jul-2007, 10:16
If things don't work out in Orlando he could try North Tampa Photography in . . . . guess where . . . Tampa. Along with Colonial in Orlando it used to be the best pro camera store in all of central Florida and carried a pretty good selection of 4x5 film. Call ahead though, I don't know what it's like today as far as LF film goes.

Clay Turtle
31-Jul-2007, 02:57
Last time I was in North Tampa Photo, I think they had some 4x5 sheets.

Pete Watkins
1-Aug-2007, 00:40
Thanks for all your help.