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27-Jul-2007, 12:46
Attached are two fotos that should explain the problem I would like to solve [If] possible , in foto #1 it looks like someone may have tried to get that retainer holding lens in place : My thoughts are to save the lens there is moisture between the elements of the front set , back set is the same !

the lens is in a Optimo # 2 shutter made by Wollensack with a [Thorward Anastigmat Series VI F:6.3 lens in Optimo shutter T-1/300 second. Plugger type shutter button. Shutter appears to be sync correctly at all speeds yet the glass is badly pasted with an opaque type fungus which could be moisture.] foto two shows what is meant by moisture in the lens:

The third foto is of the shutter ,very good shape!

Bottom line I would like to salvage this lens , can those lens ring retainers be removed
if so, Would it be better for someone else to do it or could I do it??

thanks a lot folks

Dan Fromm
27-Jul-2007, 12:59
If you have the money, honey, www.skgrimes.com has the time.

James E Galvin
27-Jul-2007, 13:10
I have removed such a ring by drilling two small holes part way through the ring (don't drill into the glass or the threads) so I can get a retaining ring wrench, needlenose pliers, or even two small nails clamped into a vise to grab the holes.
As for the glass, I can't tell from the pic if this is fungus or failed cement between a cemented pair. Fungus can be cleaned off with Windex, but if the fungus has etched the glass then you have to repolish. Probably not cost effective. If the cement has failed, see http://www.skgrimes.com/popsci/index.htm for a tutorial on recementing. I take the elements apart by soaking the lens in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK available at a paint store) for a few days or weeks. Seems to me less risk of breakage than heating.
When taking the lens apart, make some drawings as to how it goes together. Often there is no confusion, but sometimes there are several ways it will fit together, but only one way to work right.

27-Jul-2007, 15:49
Dan: Are you a Poet: because you ryme!![lol]

27-Jul-2007, 15:52
James Galvin: Go you one better , Got a copper t-joint pipe fitting and 2-pieces of tire tube patch one for the lens to sit on the other to put on the lens and them put
the t-joint on top and turn, you know it worked[LOL] now have cleaned the front lens am working on the back lens!! thank you for your thought for fixing this lens: